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Our Story

Prosper-Ally is a collaboration between two organizations drawn together by a common mission - ensuring community prosperity: communities comprised of organizations, individuals, and families.

Our teams are seasoned experts that have been working together since 2022 to bring forward new concepts and approaches to impact workforce health and well-being.


achi(pronounced uh-kai) proactively engages people and resources to advance cost-effective, quality human care for all individuals and communities. Through innovative partnerships, cross-sector collaboration, and creative solutions, we equip organizations across multiple industries to educate the people they serve and connect them with resources to improve their lives from the ground up. By partnering with health systems, educational institutions, and corporations, achi empowers lasting transformation in individual lives— resulting in an overall healthier population and data to transform our healthcare payment models.

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For over 40 years, WellShare has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to achieve optimal health and well-being. The pioneer of the community health worker model in Minnesota and internationally, our service model fosters local, sustainable solutions that address the root causes of health disparities and advance wellness for individuals, families, and communities. We advance health equity across six impact areas: maternal and child health promotion, youth health and leadership, mental health education, chronic and infectious disease prevention and management, health system navigation and transformation, and workforce development.

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