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achi Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hayley Studer, CPA, FHFMA

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Through her position as a Vice President at a large healthcare company, Hayley gained an understanding of the complexity of healthcare reimbursement systems and the misalignment of current incentives. Subsequently working as Chief Mission Officer for a corporation showed her the importance of collaboration in our communities and has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the social determinants of health and the intense work needed to make sustainable change.  


Although each community is unique, building solutions based on strong relationships crosses all populations and developing models allows us to scale processes nationally. Through innovative partnerships, cross-sector collaboration, and creative solutions, we can be a part of incremental positive changes in our communities. 

Why achi?

achi was born out of a desire to improve our community and to transform our healthcare payment system into one that is sustainable in the future and aligns desired behaviors with payments.

At the heart of achi...

Investing in our community is a core value of achi (pronounced uh-kai). The last book of the old testament in the Bible is Malachi and I have found throughout my life that the principle of setting aside your tithes and allowing God to use them for His work has poured out blessings that I could never have imagined. This is a foundational principle of achi to tithe as a company to continue to invest in the communities we serve. As such, our name is derived from the second half of the word Malachi and when broken down, it says “chi” meaning “life or inner light” with the “a” in front giving us “a life”. Our modified delta sign for the logo icon sums up the meaning of our name – to change a life.

– Hayley Studer

The achi Difference

Our Vision

To transform community health and reduce costs through changing individuals lives and improving community well-being.

Our Mission

Proactively engaging people to advance cost-effective, quality human care for individuals and communities.

Our Values

Compassion – We meet people where they are at in their journey, taking the time to listen and truly understand their individual story so that we can provide the human care they need.


Humility – We don’t know everything, and we can’t tackle every problem alone. This drives our team to continuously learn and advocate for partnerships.


Integrity – We are guided by our strong principles, and they serve as the foundation of how we operate every day.


Courage – We are determined to challenge the status quo, working tirelessly to overcome the many barriers individuals and communities face, while addressing root cause problems with creative solutions.


Collaboration – We thrive on connection and engagement, bringing people and resources together to ensure that every individual perspective contributes to solutions.


Transparency – We believe in openness, understanding, and clarity, using data and analytics to get to the truth of both problems and solutions.


Ownership – We have an “all-in” mentality, taking great pride and responsibility in equipping and empowering others to achieve their goals.


Stewardship – We are doers and givers, using every opportunity we have to cultivate our blessings responsibly and share them compassionately with others.

Meet Our Executive Team

Scott Daniels

Chief Operations Officer

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With 25+ years of operational and leadership success, most recently previously serving as the Chief Operations Officer for a business process outsourcing and collections contact center, Scott’s experience includes defining strategies, designing systems, creating processes, implementing metrics, and managing all functions to support rapid growth across the entire business, from people to processes. His extensive background in information technology, talent development and mentorship, workforce management, and quality assurance are just a few highlighted areas spanning his successful career. Serving as the Chief Operations Officer at achi, Scott creates operational structures aligned to the company vision and core values, driving critical change initiatives for continuous improvement through identifying problem root causes to eliminate barriers to quality, delivery, and client satisfaction.

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Gregory Long, MD, FAAFP

Chief Medical Officer

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Dr. Long has deep population health and physician leadership expertise and is passionate partnering with healthcare providers, insurers, and employers/patients to help them achieve their healthcare goals. As a board-certified Family Medicine Physician with over 30 years of clinical and executive experience, Greg currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for achi. Prior to achi, Greg served as Chief Medical Officer for 10 years with a progressive, integrated health system in Wisconsin, recognized nationally and internationally for their innovation embedding Lean process improvement into healthcare. In the decade prior to that, he was the senior physician leader for a primary care division helping lead care model disruption and redesign resulting in the best clinical quality performance in the state of Wisconsin. Greg has been invited to share his results and expertise at the national level with groups such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), The Brookings Institution, VHA/Vizient, and the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee.

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Andrea Miller, MBA

Director, Data Management

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Throughout her career, Andrea has worked within the client engagement and healthcare financial division with a unique technical view on things. She has gained much experience and understanding of how a company can improve though not only the bottom-line financials but also by process efficiencies for day-to-day business. Andrea has been successful and passionate about helping individuals succeed by finding unique solutions to complex data driven problems to help make a difference. She takes pride in closely listening and using her knowledge to get to the root cause of common industry issues and find suitable solutions that both compliment technology and make data more easily accessible. However, at the end of the day, her overall desire is to positively impact and help those around her.

Hunter Reeder

Engagement Director

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As an experienced marketer in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Hunter has worn many hats and achieved great success in a variety of roles within multiple industries ranging from volunteer engagement and marketing to corporate branding and communications. Driven by the impact of connection and belonging, Hunter takes pride in using the power of storytelling and collaboration to cultivate and support relationships that make a measurable difference in people’s lives. Her goals include developing creative, cohesive solutions that help individuals achieve their objectives, enhancing community resources, and making a positive difference with every interaction she has.

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