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Data Analytics

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Data is an integral part of healthcare decision-making. We work with both payers and providers to develop the strategy, data analytics infrastructure, and action plans to manage at-risk populations. Our insights bring you realistic, results-driven solutions that you can measure, act on, and sustain.

Accelerate Your Success in Value-Based Care

We equip you with the data and direction needed to make guided decisions for managing and expanding your value-based programs, allowing for better patient outcomes at a lower cost. Together with your team, we uncover what drives your organization’s performance in at-risk contracts and connect the dots to help you develop the best strategy and capabilities to accomplish your goals and pinpoint your greatest opportunities.

Friendly Young Doctor

Speed is not healthcare’s strong suit. Anything you can get fast and with impact helps you. achi brings speed. They work with the tools we do, so we don’t lose time.

- Midwest Healthcare System Executive


Exclusive Tools at Your Fingertips

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Built to grow your strategies, improve your performance and tracking, and visualize insights-rich metrics, our tools will help you:

  • Transform your program from a contractual requirement to a strategic asset

  • Pair your investments with reliable insights to understand both impact and implication

  • Tell an insights-rich story with only the metrics that matter

  • Analyze current healthcare spending through claims data to identify opportunities

  • Provide screening tools to identify additional opportunities within your managed populations

  • Provide executive and quality / operational dashboards tracking the progress of healthcare spending and the metrics that matter most to your team

  • Maintain ongoing monitoring and analysis of data to evaluate impact, track ROI, and refine services to meet the population and organization’s needs

Pop Health

Gives visibility to quality and coding performance across all contracts, creating a strategic framework to drive more favorable contracting terms and conditions.

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Gives teams statistically validated insights to measure the true outcomes of targeted clinical interventions.

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A web-based tool that empowers comprehensive value-based strategic planning by giving executive teams a holistic view of value-based reimbursement considerations.

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Performance Dashboards

Utilizes claims data to deliver transparent, granular insight into the performance metrics needed to manage and succeed across value-based contracts.

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