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The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) impact up to 80% of a person’s overall health and well-being, costing employers millions of dollars annually. These determinants affect how a person shows up to work mentally, physically, and emotionally.

National Academy of Medicine

Social Service

Connecting employees to local resources for social services such as access to healthy food, clothing assistance, stable housing, childcare, and reliable transportation


Employee Benefits Navigation

Answering questions related to benefit offerings and employee programs


On-Site Health

Facilitating onsite group health education and counseling with a trained Community Health Worker that is linguistically and culturally aligned with your employee population


Health System

Providing system navigation and services supporting mental health and stress management, preventative health screenings, and chronic disease management (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)

Our Services

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Bring your vision of a healthy and engaged workforce to life.

Innovative Approach

Prosper-Ally promotes health and coordinates connections to alleviate your employees' most challenging life needs, allowing them to come to work fully engaged.



Utilizing employee data analysis, we identify the priority needs within your employee population and partner with you to develop proactive interventions to address those needs.

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Prosper-Ally Services (1).png

Strong Local Network

Our network of local resources addresses a wide array of needs, built into a single comprehensive support center that answers questions, provides guidance in navigating health and life challenges, and proactively addresses the health of your workforce.

Better Results for All

With a heightened level of care toward your employees' health, your organization will thrive. 

Benefits for employers:

  • Boosted retention and presenteeism due to enhanced employee satisfaction

  • Improved overall production and performance through increased commitment to work

  • Reduced healthcare costs by decreasing high-cost utilization

  • Unique benefit offerings differentiating your organization

Benefits for employees:

  • Guidance in navigating health challenges and life’s hardships

  • Connection to local resources for social services

  • Culturally competent and linguistically aligned support

  • Mental health and stress management, preventative health screenings, and chronic disease management (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)

  • Improved wellness and lifestyle practices 

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