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Community Support

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Social drivers impact up to 80% of a person’s overall health and well-being. Our community support services are specifically built around meeting your population where they’re at, providing custom solutions to their unique life needs and challenges.

Addressing Social Drivers

Social drivers are the root factors that make up the foundation of one’s life and affect people’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


By assessing barriers within these root cause factors, we connect the dots between data and the social drivers that influence your target population’s overall health to establish proactive initiatives that better meet their basic life needs. The result of this dynamic individualized approach is healthier people and communities.

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Individualized Care for All

The ultimate goal is to help the community – a community comprised of employees, patients, students, and families. We assist in identifying the needs of your population and partner with you to develop proactive interventions to address those needs and track the impact along the way, keeping people healthy and engaged.

Support for Your Employees

Shift the experience of your employee population from feeling undervalued and unsupported to feeling valued and holistically cared for.


Results include:

  • Boosted retention and presenteeism

  • Increased commitment to work

  • Reduced healthcare costs by decreasing high-cost utilization

  • Improved overall production and performance

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction

  • Differentiated unique benefits offering for your organization

Support for Your Patients

Utilize a value-based approach to proactively meet your populations' most pressing needs through patient-centric care.


Results include:

  • Cost savings within your organization by addressing root cause health issues

  • Reduced unnecessary medical visits and hospitalizations

  • Improved long-term care pathways for patients

  • Decreased short-term symptom treatment

  • Enhanced overall population health within your communities

Support for Your Students and Families

Provide students and families with a support hub that gives them the community connection they need to overcome barriers to academic success, keeping students in school and families on the path towards self-sufficiency.  


Results include:

  • Increased graduation rates

  • Reduced summer melt and drop-outs

  • Boosted student retention and presenteeism

  • Improved overall long-term reputation, student enrollment, and income stream for the institution

  • Differentiated unique student support offerings for the institution

  • Enhanced student satisfaction

  • Stronger families and thriving communities

  • Improved family and community engagement in a safe and supportive environment

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The achi Hope Hub

The achi Hope Hub coordinates holistic interventions and care pathways through local resources and partnerships with community organizations nationwide. This contact center was uniquely designed to proactively outreach and connect with individuals in need of services or assistance, coordinate referrals to local resources, answer questions, and provide support with trusted, reliable service.

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Diversity Students


GapQuest addresses education, social connection, and workforce development – three social drivers that impact the overall well-being of a community. This holistic, residential "gap year program" was designed for recent high school graduates, ages 18-20, located in Northwest Ohio. The program exists to offer young adults an alternative navigational tool to create a roadmap for success. The GapQuest experience is led by a unique "GPS" system – Guidance, Professional Development, and Social Networking. Participants gain valuable, paid work experience while engaging in real-life practical lessons from bugdeting and financial management to growing friendships and exploring all that Northwest Ohio has to offer young professionals.

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Did you know...

One in 10 seniors in the United States lives below the federal poverty level, and 40 percent of American families struggled in the last 12 months to meet basic needs of food, healthcare, housing, or utilities.

2020 Status of Health Equity Report by The Root Cause Coalition

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