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achi's Caching Memories program virtually connects socially isolated or lonely older adults to younger adults providing them with an avenue to reminisce, share their stories and personal photos, and improve their sense of connection to the world around them. 


In addition to the social impact, loneliness can have a direct impact on a person’s health and well-being, costing our healthcare system billions of dollars annually. 

Through weekly enriching conversations, older adults connect with trained younger adults (Reminiscence Guides) via phone or computer to build relationships and share stories.


The stories and photos shared are captured as a keepsake for the older adult to continue to engage and connect with others, including family, friends, and caregivers.

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An endless ripple effect of impact.

Caching Memories is a multifaceted program, impacting every person involved in positive ways.
Older Adults
  • Experience improved quality of life and well-being

  • Feel a continuous sense of connection to the world around them through storytelling and sharing photos

  • Build purposeful relationships with a younger generation

  • Reminisce on their life story and impart wisdom, taking on a new social role as a teacher

  • Receive a keepsake capturing elements of their life stories to continue to connect with family and friends

  • Help train our future healthcare workers in person-centered care and empathy

Share your story.
  • Provide a new non-pharmacological approach to memory care for their loved one

  • Build stronger familial bonds and connection to their loved one through shared stories and photos

  • Learn more about their loved one’s life

  • Newfound appreciation for the wisdom and past-life experiences their loved one has had

  • Enjoy their family stories and photos preserved as a keepsake to be shared with future generations

Keep treasured memories alive.
University Students and Institutions
  • Gain experience in communicating and building rapport with an older generation 

  • Learn about Photo Reminiscence Therapy

  • Develop vital communication skills and relationship-building techniques through storytelling methods

  • Gain skills in building person-centered care versus disease-centered care resulting in better future caregivers

  • Learn from the lessons imparted by the older generations and reflect on those experience

  • Accrue service learning hours

Impact the community.
Facilities and Caregivers
  • Gain the opportunity to learn more about their residents on a personal level

  • Feel a deeper sense of connection to their residents through shared stories and photos

  • Engage in meaningful conversation that builds trust and companionship with their residents

  • Experience more engaged, compliant residents

  • Bring to light that their residents are people with life stories and more than their clinical diagnosis

  • Feel a greater sense of purpose at work and revive passion to have better overall job satisfaction

Improve your overall quality of care.
Insurance Companies
  • Investment in members' health that improves their overall well-being

  • Increase member satisfaction and positively impact CMS Star Ratings

  • Differentiate your service offerings 
    for growth in market share

  • Attractive program for value-based provider networks

  • Reductions in overall spend per beneficiary for participating members

  • Shared values with an organization that understands holistic care

Enhance your members' well-being.


"It showed me that people deserve their stories to be heard and deserve to have someone to listen."

Alexis, Reminiscence Guide

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