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achi Achieves Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification in Ohio

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, achi, a trailblazer in improving communities through holistic, human-centered care, recently achieved its Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certification in Ohio, solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence.

“Our company combines innovation and compassion to transform healthcare, and our WBE certification has propelled us further on this journey,” said Hayley Studer, achi founder and CEO. “With this certification now in hand, we are poised to explore new opportunities and reach a broader audience.”

Women-Owned Business Enterprise certification is a significant achievement for female entrepreneurs like Studer. It is not just a recognition of hard work and determination but also a valuable tool to access opportunities in government contracting, which can open doors to a wider range of resources, growth, and potential clients. Certification provides credibility and demonstrates that the business is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by women. It involves a rigorous set of requirements and approval by the Ohio Department of Development, Minority Business Development Division.

achi has achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining a WBE certification. This certification paves the way for the company to expand its impact through new opportunities in working with cities, county entities, and school systems, and allows achi to partner with other vendors to continue to connect people to resources in the community that help improve their lives and overall well-being.


About achi

achi(pronounced uh-kai) proactively engages people and resources to advance cost-effective, quality human care for all individuals and communities. Through innovative partnerships, cross-sector collaboration, and creative solutions, we equip organizations across multiple industries to educate the people they serve and connect them with resources to improve their lives from the ground up. By partnering with health systems, educational institutions, and corporations, achi empowers lasting transformation in individual lives— resulting in an overall healthier population and data to transform our healthcare payment models. To learn more about achi and its mission, visit

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