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Healthcare and Insurance

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Transform your approach to human care.

We work with healthcare entities and insurance companies to holistically manage their identified at-risk populations. The goal is to address the root cause of their patients’/members’ health issues to reduce costs and improve quality and outcomes. Using a value-based human care approach, we utilize data to help clients make informed decisions that will drive results. We specialize in the following:

Self-Pay Patient Solutions:

A value-based approach enhancing patient-centric care.

Health systems are no stranger to charity care and bad debt write-offs. By utilizing a value-based approach to proactively meet your self-pay populations' most pressing needs through patient-centric care, you can save costs within your organization by addressing root cause health issues, reducing unnecessary medical visits and hospitalizations, improving long-term care pathways for patients, decreasing short-term symptom treatment, and enhancing the overall population health within your communities.

For healthcare entities looking for a customized, proactive strategy to improve the health and well-being of self-pay patients while decreasing overall costs, achi offers the following services:
  • Analyze current healthcare spend through claims data to identify opportunities

  • Determine baselines of your organization's current self-pay patient payment programs and overall health

  • Provide screening tools to identify additional opportunities within the self-pay patient population

  • Determine levers to help reduce unnecessary medical visits and hospitalizations and assist with implementation of new pathways

  • Collaborate with your team to design a customized strategy for proactive resolution that fits your organization

  • Coordinate holistic interventions and care pathways through local resources / partnerships with community organizations

  • Implement a patient contact center to outreach and connect with patients and coordinate referrals to local resources and support with trusted, reliable service

  • Provide executive and quality / operational dashboards tracking the progress on patient engagement and well-being and healthcare spend

  • Maintain ongoing monitoring and analysis of data to evaluate impact, track ROI, and refine services to meet the patient and organization's health needs

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Value-Based Care Tools

We work with both payers and providers to develop the strategy, data analytics infrastructure and action plans to manage their at-risk populations. Click below to see our approach and tools with our recent acquisition of certain assets from Front Health.

Combat Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Adults

Connection is something we all seek, and for socially isolated older adults, connection has the power to improve their overall health and well-being. We work with insurance companies and Medicare Advantage Plans on a multigenerational program that pairs socially isolated older adults with young adults for continuous enriching conversations, allowing the older adults to reminisce on their life, impart wisdom, and most importantly build meaningful relationships. Young adults participating in the program gain knowledge in dementia education and coaching on how to evoke meaningful stories from the older adult, providing interaction that goes beyond the walls of a doctor’s office or hospital visit for true whole-person care.


Did you know...

Since the turn of the century, hospitals have provided more than $538 billion in uncompensated care.

American Hospital Association

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