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The methods employed by achi will improve retention and graduation rates, and increase the overall health of students.
  • Social determinants screening surveys for the student population with aggregated results

  • Local resources/partnerships with community organizations to address identified student needs

  • Research on programs that have been implemented across the country to address student’s social needs

  • Reporting and tracking capabilities for community referrals

  • Development of care pathways in conjunction with community organizations

  • Student engagement center to serve as a one-stop point of contact for students to connect to community resources and ensure follow through

  • Reports to monitor on-going progress of program

Educational Institutions

College Friends
Declining student retention and graduation rates not only impact students, but they directly impact and damage the institution's long-term reputation, student enrollment, and income stream.

Through our student programs, we assist universities and colleges in identifying the main basic human life needs in their student population and partner with them to develop proactive interventions to address those needs. We then help track the impact of those actions to determine the ROI and adjust as necessary.

Ward off Summer Melt.

The majority of students who fail to attend in the fall do so not because they have a change of heart but because they encounter barriers and lack the connection or support systems needed to overcome them. Understanding the challenges students face will help redirect them on the right paths toward degree attainment at your institution.

Student Outdoors

Did you know...

Nearly half of college students surveyed reported low or very low food security — skipping meals, eating less, or eating less nutritious foods due to finances.

2020 Student Financial Wellness Survey

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