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From Startup to Scale Up

Tellegacy Welcomes Consultant Scott Daniels to Lead Operational Growth

The startup Tellegacy program is now a year old and has grown substantially as it continues its mission to combat loneliness and social isolation among older adults by connecting them to university students through weekly phone or virtual visits. The program has increased the number of residents served sixfold, added 6.5x more students to its volunteer base, and the program has been utilized at 9x more facilities nationwide.

To assist in scaling the growth of the program and establishing operational foundations, Tellegacy is excited to announce its partnership with Scott Daniels as a Tellegacy Consultant. Scott will advise and guide the Tellegacy team through the process of transforming from a pilot program to a long-term scalable solution through optimization, integrated system solutions, and implementation of structures to advance the program across all core functions.

“Watching Tellegacy grow this past year has been surreal and an absolute blessing,” said Dr. Jeremy Holloway, Founder of Tellegacy. “Now we’re on the verge of even more growth and I believe that Scott will be a vital part of preparing the program for its next wave of opportunities.”

Scott's 20+ years of executive level operational leadership success in defining strategies, designing systems, creating processes, implementing metrics, and managing all functions to support rapid growth will support the growth of the Tellegacy program. His ability to create operational structures aligned with the program's vision and core values are what make him a perfect fit for the project.

“The Tellegacy program provides an avenue for everyone to contribute to the community and welfare of others. Allowing students to support the older generation by providing the opportunity for them to share their Legacy with the younger generation is amazing. I am enjoying bringing my operational knowledge and leadership to a cause designed to benefit so many,” said Scott Daniels. “My goal is to use my skills and extensive background in the operational arena to create effective, repeatable solutions for scalability and to develop a foundation that empowers the team to overcome challenges in the future for continued expansion of the Tellegacy program.”

People are at the center of the Tellegacy program - older adults, students, and caregivers. With comprehensive experience building, managing, and leading teams, Scott is well poised to evolve the program and positively impact individuals in communities nationwide.

“With several growth opportunities on the horizon, the time to bring in an operational expert could not be better,” said Hayley Studer, Founder and CEO of achi. “Scott brings such valuable insight to the table in regards to processes and systems, and also a deep understanding of meeting the needs of people which will allow us to create better communities. That understanding and element of his character is a significant reason why we wanted him to be part of Tellegacy.”


About Tellegacy

Tellegacy is an intergenerational program created to combat loneliness and social isolation among older adults, keeping them connected and engaged through weekly phone or virtual visits with university students. As research shows, loneliness and social isolation can result in long-term negative health outcomes. Tellegacy founder Jeremy Holloway, PhD is determined to change that narrative with his flexible, relationship-oriented, mindfulness, goal-setting and guided imagery curriculum. In partnership with Hayley Studer, CPA, FHFMA, and founder of achi, a holistic care management company that lowers overall expenses by actively engaging people and connecting them to organizations to address the social determinants of health, the infrastructure for Tellegacy was built. To learn more about the Tellegacy program and how it can save lives, visit

About achi

achi is a holistic care management company that lowers overall expenses by actively engaging people and connecting them to organizations to address the social determinants of health. Through innovative partnerships, cross-sector collaboration, and creative solutions, we equip organizations across multiple industries to educate the people they serve and connect them with resources to improve their lives from the ground up. By partnering with health systems, educational institutions and corporations, achi empowers lasting transformation in individual lives— resulting in an overall healthier population and data to transform our healthcare payment models. To learn more about achi and its mission, visit

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