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achi First to be Featured on New Spotify Entrepreneur Podcast

Founder and CEO of achi Hayley Studer joins Business Coach Scott Couchenour to discuss shifting out of corporate life to working for yourself as a founder and motivated entrepreneur in the first ever episode of the What's Next? podcast featured on Spotify.

After spending more than 20 years in healthcare finance, Hayley Studer left her executive position to embark on a new journey to fuse her passion and purpose for community work and service. In her previous role, she was given the unique opportunity to leverage her past experience and relationships to positively impact communities and address important local and social issues. Hayley is now able to build upon that experience and embark on this new endeavor with her company, achi by focusing on the social determinants of health.

Listen to the full interview here:


About achi

achi is a holistic care management company that lowers overall expenses by actively engaging people and connecting them to organizations to address the social determinants of health. Through innovative partnerships, cross-sector collaboration, and creative solutions, we equip organizations across multiple industries to educate the people they serve and connect them with resources to improve their lives from the ground up. By partnering with health systems, educational institutions and corporations, achi empowers lasting transformation in individual lives— resulting in an overall healthier population and data to transform our healthcare payment models. To learn more about achi and its mission, visit

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