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Healthcare and Insurance

We work with healthcare entities and insurance companies to holistically manage their identified at-risk population. The goal is to address the root cause of their patient’s health issues to reduce ER visits and hospitalizations.


Services offered through achi and partnerships with other organizations include:

  • Claims data analysis to identify the most costly patients/conditions

  • Social determinants of health screening tools and reporting

  • Create local resources/partnerships with community organizations to address the needs of your identified population

  • Reporting and tracking capabilities for community referrals

  • Development of care pathways in conjunction with community organizations

  • Engagement center to actively work with patients and ensure follow through

  • Mentoring processes for long-term behavioral change

Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

Did you know...

One in 10 seniors in the United States lives below the federal poverty level, and 40 percent of American families struggled in the last 12 months to meet basic needs of food, healthcare, housing, or utilities. 

2020 Status of Health Equity Report by The Root Cause Coalition

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