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For employers looking to improve overall organizational health by addressing employee well-being and satisfaction plus gain visibility to healthcare spending, achi offers the following services:

  • Analyze current healthcare spend through claims data to identify opportunities 

  • Determine baselines of your organization's current employee programs, employee satisfaction, and overall health

  • Provide screening tools to identify additional opportunities within the employee population

  • Determine levers to help reduce healthcare spend and assist with implementation of new pathways

  • Collaborate with your team to design a customized strategy for proactive resolution that fits your organization

  • Coordinate holistic interventions and care pathways through local resources / partnerships with community organizations

  • Implement an employee engagement contact center to outreach and connect with employees and coordinate referrals to local resources and support with trusted, reliable service

  • Provide executive and quality / operational dashboards tracking the progress on employee engagement and well-being and healthcare spend

  • Maintain ongoing monitoring and analysis of data to evaluate impact, track ROI, and refine services to meet the employee and organization's health needs


When your workforce is healthy and thriving, so is your organization.

Your employees are the beating heart and core of your organization. By addressing their unique needs through a proactive, holistic approach and analyzing claims data for better visibility on your healthcare spending, our team can help identify opportunities before they impact your organization, improving employee satisfaction as the individual health and well-being of your workforce is enhanced.

Committed to an engaged, satisfied culture.

To stand out in the sea of a reshuffling and competitive job market, employers must prioritize a long-term employee engagement solution that shifts the experience of their employee population from feeling undervalued and underserved to feeling valued and holistically supported.


achi's 3x3x3 Challenge

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Did you know...

According to SHRM, the cost of replacing an employee is somewhere between 90 percent and 200 percent of their annual salary; researchers at Columbia University pegged it at 150 percent, depending on the position.

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