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Caching Memories

Providing Connection for Older Adults (Memory Holders)

Time is precious for all of us, especially for our aging loved ones. Stories are a gift to future generations, but they must be shared. Encouraging older adults to reminisce on life experiences, using photos as a prompt, helps keep them engaged and connected.

achi’s Caching Memories program builds a multi-generational relationship by connecting older adults to younger adults for one-hour weekly virtual conversations. This program provides families with a new approach to memory care and allows stories to be preserved in a memory book that can be shared for ongoing engagement.

Choose your package for engagement and connection:

Benefits for Memory Holders

Build Relationships Bullet.png

Build meaningful relationships

Reminisce Bullet.png

Reminisce on their life

Impart Wisdom Bullet.png
Photo Bullet.png
Connect with Family Bullet.png

Fulfill a new social role as a teacher by imparting wisdom to young adults

Share their story using photos
and mementos

Engage more fully with their family, friends, and caregivers

Step 1 - Choose Package.png

Step 1: Choose your package

Select the package that best suits your needs or the needs of a loved one.

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